It's Time to Cruise

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Get started with our Cruise website design package!


    $ 500 / month
    • 1 Website (up to 20 pages)*
    • Unlimited Edits
    • Weekly Sprints
    • Built and Managed For You
    • On-Page SEO
    • Proactive Management
    • Hosting Included
    • 100% Ownership
    • 12 Month Contract


    What’s included?

    Creation – we build or take over your site. Your site will be built to the highest standards. All work belongs 100% to you.

    Management – we’ll update content, add functionalities, improve the experience, and complete tasks sent by you to us. Your site will follow micro-trends, so it’ll always be fresh and up-to-date!

    Optimization – your site will be constantly optimized in different aspects – SEO, conversions, click-flow, and more!

    Monitoring – with advanced tools, we’ll monitor your site for all kinds of metrics – SEO, uptime, speed, and technical issues.

    Your tasks – send us a request, and we’ll work on it.

    The sky is the limit.

    What’s the turnaround?

    It all depends on the complexity of the task.

    A simple landing page can take as little as one week. More complex sites will require more.

    Once the homepage is created and approved, it’s much faster to work on the inner pages since we already have styling and some components. That tasks submitted today will be included in next week’s sprint.

    Don't have the task?

    We’ll proactively keep on improving your site and testing different concepts each week!

    What’s included in the sprint?

    Each week we’ll perform a “sprint”. Sprint is a set of tasks that are to be completed each week. Each Friday, you’ll receive a report containing all the work.

    Some tasks might be too large to complete within a week, so we’ll break them into pieces and work on them individually. You can submit tasks using the project management tool you’ll have access to or leave it to us to create tasks and work on them.

    How do I get started?

    Once you sign up, we’ll send you access to the project management panel, where you can schedule tasks. We’ll also connect with you, so that we know what your expectations are!

    If you are unsure how to start, just connect with us, and we’ll help you!

    Whether you want to create a new website or get us to manage and existing one – no task is too small or too big!

    The tasks submitted today will be worked on in next week’s sprint.

    Can I get the work re-done?

    Absolutely! We’ll keep working on your site until you are happy with it.

    Can you write content?

    We are a development agency specializing in the creation and running of websites.


    We use placeholder content during the development while waiting for the content you’ll provide. We don’t create content – we do work with a firm that can help you with that!

    Can you sign an NDA?

    Sure! Send one via email and we’ll get it signed.

    Can you do multiple websites?

    Absolutely! Contact us to discuss a custom contract.